Tiffany Narduzzi

Hello! I’m Tiffany. I am a mother to a spunky little boy, a wife, a doggie mom of two, a Director of Compensation for a large company and a true oil junkie. I started my Young Living obsession in May of 2020. In this short window of time, I have seen an amazing amount of changes in my family, myself, my friends, my animals. The magic of is real.
Beginning as a child, I have suffered from anxiety and panic attack disorder. Medication works..but with oils, I was able to find a natural way to help with confidence, overcome panic attacks, live a peaceful life. MIND BLOWN
Concentration, happiness, calmness…and so much more is all achievable by opening one of these tiny bottles. I’m excited to be on this journey and look forward to bringing you along with me!

Tiffany’s Favorite Products: