Let me tell you about this amazing cleaner and it’s 9,000,000 uses!

You can actually read alllll the ingredients—what other cleaner can you do that? Plus the ingredients aren’t full of harmful chemicals that can hurt your family or pets!

It lasts FOREVER!!!! And I really mean that…I’ve been using the same bottle for 8 months, I literally just ran out.

Some of my fav uses:

All purpose cleaner
heavy degreaser
soft scrub
dishwasher tabs
washer or dryer cleaner
stain remover
glass or mirror cleaner
floor cleaner
toy cleaner
diy cleaner wipes
fruit and veggie wash
hand soap
diy toilet cleaning pods

Think no chemicals=inferior product?

Think again!!!

Check out the amazing science experiment my friend Emily Musika did with her students at school wiping down cafeteria tables.