DawnMarie Cabrera

My name is DM, short for DawnMarie, but you can just stick to the DM part. ?

I stubbornly resisted oils and Young Living for so long until close friends of mine basically shoved them at me and said “You. NEED. these.” And, I hate to admit it when I’m wrong, but man were they right. ?

I have a background in fitness and health and don’t know why it took me so long to see the benefit that oils and all Young Living products can give. From pre-workouts, during working out, to post workouts, Young Living has SO much to offer. My family who is also health and fitness obsessed have also switched and we have not looked back since. ??

I personally suffer from a hormone and lady parts (sorry, guys!) syndrome that effects hair, skin, crazy moods?, weight, and a wacky cycle, that so far nothing has helped. EXCEPT OILS. Holy crap you guys. I have found a routine and a set of oils and supplements that have totally changed my life over and I couldn’t be more grateful. ???

From all the thieves, to all the workout regime things, to all the oils, my personal family and the one I’ve come to know and love with Young Living, my life has changed for the better.  So, if a health and fitness family, a girl who struggles with all the lady issues like SO MANY have, or just a stubborn and always has your back kinda girl is your jam, then I’m yours and welcome to our crazy family!?

DawnMarie’s Favorite Products: